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Eliminate hidden dangers and strengthen fire protection consciousness

Author: FRIDA | Classification: News | Released Date: 2011-10-24
The fire accident happened on November 15th in jing’an district,Shanghai made 58 people died. All the people were in grief at that time. Many fire accidents are resulted from carelessness in life, work and weak fire protection consciousness. For the sake of every staff, FRIDA organized knowledge training about safety production for many times. We want to increase our staff’s awareness on safety production. We set a number of rules and regulations and we hope everybody strictly comply with so that we can nip hidden dangers in the bud.
1, Smoking is strictly forbidden within the scope of whole factory area especially the toilet and the production workshop.
2, DO NOT illegally use different kinds of chargers when people leave.
3, DO shut down the computer including the display, printer, water dispenser, patch board and other kinds of power supply for electrical equipments when dinner at noon and get off work.
4, All kinds of electrical equipments, instruments must be kept in normal operation. Overload operation is not allowed.
5, It is strictly prohibited to illegally work with naked fire. No Smoking in places with fire and explosion danger.
6, It is forbidden to illegal into the places where inflammable and explosive goods are produced and stored.
7, It’s not allowed to overloaded use high-power electrical appliances and splice electric wire in chaos in dormitory without permission.
8, It is strictly prohibited to open fireproof door. Do not stack stuff under the fire resisting shutter.