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Frida will provide you with comprehensive, professional LCD solutions

  • Smart wear LCD ScreenSmart wear LCD Screen
  • OLED LCD ScreenOLED LCD Screen
  • Touch screenTouch screen
  • Highlight LCD screenHighlight LCD screen
  • LCD spare parts businessLCD spare parts business
Customer need to understand the LCD working principle before we make detailed solutions for them. Customer can choose and buy the exact what they want only when they know the structure and process of LCD. It will make them more rational when using and maintaining LCD. And at the same time they can exactly know what their demand is. FRIDA LCD Co., Ltd will make the LCD purchasing become simple through our perfect solutions.

Brief introduction of LCD solutions

1.If you are the LCD module users, FRIDA will provide the most appropriate LCD products for you, including the interface card, accessories, inspection and maintenance and so on.
2.If you have special request for products application, FRIDA will provide the customized solutions to meet your individual needs economically and efficiently.
3.If you are the supplier of LCD modules, FRIDA will provide the technical support for your sales department. We’ll train your sales personnel to improve their products knowledge. It will help you expand the market.
4.FRIDA set up an efficient and convenient bridge between LCD suppliers and users with its unique solutions.
the program diagram of lcd solution
LCD modules are different from general end products. Its application fields are various. A professional staff can choose the proper LCD for you according to your requests. If your company does not have such a proficient technical research and development team, now FRIDA is your best choice.