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TFT LCD screen Applications
The Products of Frida Lcd is positioning in the global high-end LCD, LCM and TFT LCD screen, Try our best to meet customer's needs, Main products include TN, STN, FSTN LCD and LCD module, COB, COG, TAB, CSTN, TFT LCD modules, industrial display modules, car clocks, electronic instruments, CD, VCD, Car Stereo, Car LCD remote control, home appliances, industrial instrumentation, electronic dictionaries, mobile phones, Fax machines, mp3, Pocket PC, telephone, air conditioning, handheld electronic games, calculators, electronic watches, Electronic pet, BP machine, electronics, mobile phones, electronic organizers, radios and other products used in all aspects of our life.

TFT LCD screen Applications

The TFT LCD screen categories by industry application:
Financial and commercial system: ATM bank teller machines, automatic teller machines, investment transactions Kiosk, etc. Resistant to touch more than a million times and still perfect operation.
Mobile Phone: Apple's iPhone, Samsung i8910 HD, Motorola Milestone, Meizu M8, Lenovo O1 (the Ophone) Nokia X-6, Sony Ericsson The X10, HTC Hero using capacitive screen.
Medicine: Laboratory and clean room for medical surveillance, single-drug recognition, medical record. It Completely beyond blood and any chemical pollution impact.
Public navigation: Household Registration Query System and navigation system etc.
Retail and catering industry: Vending machines, ordering system, shopping, ticket inquiries, Satellite navigation system in car. Minimize the risk of shock and electrostatic interference, Avoid operation is interrupted.
Video game: Bing Chris, slot machines, video poker machines etc. Against vandalism, To ensure the normal operation.