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1.77 inch TFT LCD

1.77 inch TFT LCD 128×160 Dots

Release: FRD | Category: Color TFT module
Product model: FRD-TFT-17720P
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1.77 inch TFT LCD
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1.77 inch TFT LCD
Module outline size: 34(W)×43.7(H)×2.5(D) / 33.6(W)×42.7(H)×2.4(D)
Active area: 28.03(H)×35.04(V)mm / 28.03(H)×35.04(V)
Display size: 28.90(W)×35.74(H)mm
Number of Dots: 128×(RGB)×160
Input voltage: Optional-in parallel 3.0V/Serial 6.0V
Viewing direction: Optional-6:00/12:00 O'clock
Operation Temperature: -20℃to +70℃
Storage Temperature: -30℃to +80℃
Display mode: TFT
Multiplexing: 1/160DUTY, 1/14BIAS
Thickness of the glass: 0.40mm
Connection mode: COG+FPC
FPC length: Optional-Soldering/plug-in type
Interface: 20PIN/29PIN
Driver IC: RM68116 / ST7735S / ILI9163C
Driver IC package: COG
LED backlight: white bright LED backlight
FRD-TFT-17720P Module outline size drawing 20PIN 1.77 inch Module outline size drawing
Remark: We can make custom modifications according to customer’s requirements. If you need a special 1.77''TFT LCD module, please contact us. We will evaluate and decide whether we can produce it. Thanks.
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