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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the matter that there is black spot like thumb size on the LCD screen?
    The situation you mentioned in this case is largely due to external forces pressing. The polarizer in LCD panel will be deformed under external oppression. The polarizer is like aluminum sheet, it will not bounce when concaved. It will result in differences in the LCD panel when reflecting. And then you can see the gray part. It is very easy to find when the LCD is white. Usually it’s several square millimeters which is the size of a thumb. But it will not affect the lifespan of the LCD, please pay more attention in the future when using.
  • Classification and main characteristics of the LCD
    Reply: LCD is the full name of liquid crystal display. It is one of the flat panel displays and can be divided into static drive LCD, simple matrix drive LCD, and active matrix drive LCD according to the driving method. There are several types mainly including TFT, UFB,TFD and STN LCD display.
  • The matters what we must get attention in the course of LCD module
    The matters that we must pay attention when using LCD module are the requirements mainly for LCD manufacturers. As the professional LCD manufacturer, we will strictly control quality and all aspects of the production process. We will provide high-quality LCD screen for each customer.
    Reply: The LCD production process consists of dealing with protective film, installing the liner, Anti-static processing, assembly operations, welding, use and maintenance, storage, transportation and so on to control product quality.
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