• China customized display leading brand
    China customized display leading brand
    We can make customization for each customer
  • Customized display standardization solutions
    Customized display standardization solutions
    Provide comprehensive solutions for every customer
  • FRD Enterprise mission
    FRD Enterprise mission
    Strive to meet the physical and spiritual needs of all employees
    make more contribution to society


We have the most cutting-edge information resources for the development of TFT LCD display industry, and we can assist customers in the overall construction process from raw materials to finished products through the specialization of procurement, quality control, product development capability and professional manufacturing equipment, so as to meet the needs of customers and provide professional comprehensive solution services for each customer. FRIDA display solutions set up an efficient, convenient and humanized bridge between LCD suppliers and users.


We can make your purchasing of TFT LCD displays easier with our perfect service system, and provide the best customization solutions.
If you are TFT LCD module users, we will provide you with the most suitable TFT LCD products, including the selection of control board, accessories, testing, maintenance and a series of services.
If you have special requirements for product application, we will provide the best customization solutions, in the most economical and efficient way, to meet all your personalized needs.
If you are TFT LCD module suppliers, we will provide your sales department with technical support for the clients, to help you expand the market.

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To provide customers with overall solutions


Help customers to strengthen the coordination and management of suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials


Help customers reduce inventory, reduce operating time and save operating costs


Save high design cost and purchase cost for customers



Help customers optimize the entire supply chain, reduce the purchase cost to the lowest.


Customers are more focused on the construction of core competitiveness in the whole procurement operation

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With a strong sense of mission, we work hard to meet the physical and spiritual needs of all our employees, while making more contributions to the society.

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Frida camping outreach activities by the sea

Frida camping outreach activities by the sea

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We adhere to the core values of "integrity, gratitude, responsibility", with sincere unity and pursuit of excellence, and make unremitting efforts to create the brand FRIDA by Chinese people.